Between two Worlds

Between two Worlds (Mellem To Verdener)

Anna and Peter come home from school and they start using their iPads and they games the tablets contain. But there is a world around them – the real world. Can these two be reconciled? Can you play the games in the real world and can reality get into the games?

In a modern Hansel and Gretel story, Anna and Peter set out on a journey that sends them from the living room out on a virtual journey filled with excitement, fun and lots of music.

Can the two kids handle the dangerous journey between the two worlds? For what is play and what is reality?

The team behind on of Operaen i Midtens most performed children’s opera-successes “Monster Opera” presents a new Danish opera for children. The show considers the time we live in and the reality that children know – the virtual reality as well. It is blended with play, new opera tones and lots of humour.