Musical Dramaschool
Musical Dramaschool

We’ve got both courses for primary school and the first Danish classical music dramatic talent school.
Come on in and read more about both.

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Shows and other performances
Shows and other performances

The Opera in the Middle is as regional theater commited to at least two differents shows each year. But we’ve got a lot of other ideas as well.

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Young voices and new music

Operaen i Midten lends the limelight to young talents, who will and can sing. It will become obvious in November when we let the curtain go on the world premiere of the Paul Scwartz-version of Snow White. The students from our talentschool have the leading parts in this new opera.

Seneste nyt fra os – læs mere her

This is what we do

Opera for all


New compositions
Modern versions og classic pieces
Cross-aesthetic projects
Developing opera for children
Cross-over performances

We show no copies. The Opera in the Middle is all about unique works of art.


Contemporary content
Contemporary musical language
Cultural politics
Community orientation
personal concern

The performances from the Opera in the Middle have something to tell a modern audience.


Unites popular and high culture
Dramaturgical processing
Danish text on Danish stages
Wide dissemination material
Low prices on tickets

We want to widen the knowledge about opera, and our motto is: Opera for All

flemming vistisen


For more than 300 years Opera has been a keystone for Fine Arts. But at the same time an art-form, which appealed to the many, becoming the most popular event for everybody to looking forward to.

The Opera in the Middle has a mission to create opera-productions on highest possible level aimed for everybody, who wants to experience this classical art-form, which combines drama, storytelling, visual design, choreography, song and music.

We believe, that opera has a future, but which? This is the question, we ask ourselves, and what we build our vision upon; to rethink opera and make it available and relevant in any sense.

The Opera in The Middle has a strong position, when it comes to producing new original operas for the early generation,

and since the beginning of Opera in The Middle as a formalized public institution in 2004, thousands of children and teenagers have attended our operas. And the impact has been overwhelming.

The Opera in the Middle wants to pursue this work, continue and develop our urge to offer newer generations the chance to experience this great art-form.

The Opera in the Middle is a regional theatre-company, supported by the municipalities of Herning, Holstebro, Ikast-Brande, Struer and the Danish Art Foundation.

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